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Modern, beautiful, trouble-free: Now you too can enjoy the unique Desjoyaux Swimming Pool in India.

Desjoyaux India's network – part of a global network of 500+ showrooms around the world – now numbers 6 Showrooms and 9 Sales Offices. Sales, installations and services are now available in all of West and South India, and the network is poised for expansion into North and East India soon.

Now, you too can design your unique Desjoyaux Pool, and enjoy a whole new way of life. Design the pool of your dreams and Desjoyaux will build this for you, or choose one from the several designs we have for you. Select the options you require – heating, cross current swimming, etc – and let Desjoyaux make your dream come true.

What's more, Desjoyaux Pools are not just for private homes-hotels, clubs, and developers too choose Desjoyaux for their projects. The speed in installation, ease in maintenance, post-installation service and support, and un-precedence warranties in this field are just some of the benefits that they, like all Desjoyaux pool owners, opt for, and enjoy.

Choose Desjoyaux, and you will choose what more than 200,000 swimming pools owners in over 80 counties across the world have chosen:
– a modern, innovative, eco-friendly pool, which you will enjoy with peace of mind for many, many years.

Discover the affordability and beauty of a Desjoyaux Swimming Pool

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