Desjoyaux is a worldwide swimming pool builder, established as a leader in the industry since 1966, based in France. Since the first pool was built, Desjoyaux’s vision has been-make swimming pools available to all, affordable and trouble-free. Today, over 5,000 people are employed at our facilities, manufacturing equipments of highest quality standards, so that you enjoy a lifetime of fun with your Desjoyaux Pool.

In India, Desjoyaux Pools has been building pools since 2002. Several hundred pools have since been installed in different parts of the country. From a base of just 1 showroom in 2008 outside Mumbai, the company has, since 2009, expanded operations to 6 showrooms and 4 sales offices in 5 states, and 5 sales offices in another 5 states, as at beginning 2012. The goal of Desjoyaux India is to cover the entire country with an efficient and effective network within the next 3 years, so that clients all over India have the opportunity to enjoy the Desjoyaux’s revolutionary trouble free swimming pools.