It all began in 1966 when Jean Desjoyaux, a builder by trade, built his family’s first swimming pool with his very own hands. He was keen to share laughter, happiness and relaxing moments with his children, friends and relatives. He dreamed of turning each weekend and holiday into a moment of pure pleasure, and hoped to that one day see every background splashed with the blue and echoing with laughter. It was on the basis of these values, and the desire to share this happiness, that Desjoyaux Pools was founded.

Between 1968 and 1974 Mr. Desjoyaux built hundreds of pools in reinforced concrete using tiles, sand filters, cartridge filters, and many more. He found the most difficult issues were lengthy construction time and how to prevent the concrete from cracking. This lead to trying out new techniques – pool structures in gunite, wood, polyethylene, aluminum, polyester, etc, eventually leading to the invention of the “Active Permanent Casing” in 1974. This casing allows for pools of all dimensions to be built in record construction time, and carry the international 10 year guarantee.

The construction problem was solved. But the problem inherent in the filtration – underground piping, plant room, inlets and outlets in the pool structure – remained. Over time, these pipes, inlets, outlets tended to leak, and required repair. In 1984, Mr Desjoyaux developed his second idea – a filtration block placed directly on the pool wall. No more need for piping, plumbing, inlets and outlets in the pool structure, or the plant room! No holes in the pool wall – No Leaks!

Today, thanks to these two basic techniques used (“Desco” Active Permanent Casing Structure and Filtration Block), Desjoyaux has made ground-breaking progress in the history of swimming pools. The industrialization of swimming pool building process developed by Desjoyaux means that Desjoyaux pool owners’ get the same quality, service and guarantees around the world.

Today, Desjoyaux has a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide, represented by exclusive distributors with a total of over 500 showrooms. Desjoyaux is now a world leader in the swimming pool industry, having built more than 200,000 pools using this technique.

Desjoyaux Pools was listed in the Paris Stock Market in 1992


A pool is for life.
When you choose Desjoyaux Pool, you choose the strength of the industry leader!
The various components of your Desjoyaux pool are designed and manufactured in our 40,000 sq. m plant in near Saint-Etienne in the Rhônes-Alpes region of France.
They benefit from the latest technological advances – in particular, a revolutionary ecological production line that transforms recyclable plastics, and a set of injection presses ranging from 500 to 6,000 tonnes that is unique in Europe.
Desjoyaux invests €14 million each year in new product research and development.