In-ground swimming pools can offer various points of interest including giving an unwinding experience in your own particular garden and giving a private space to divert loved ones. Notwithstanding, pools oblige general support, cleaning, and maintenance to keep your pool working and looking its best. Numerous property holders and families frequently get occupied with work, family, and social occasions, and they are not ready to calendar time for pool maintenance.

At Desjoyaux, low routine maintenance is a key objective, and following the simple routine cleaning, will ensure that the pool is ready for use whenever required.

Routine Pool Cleaning includes:

  • Running the filter for appropriate time can be easily done at the flick of a switch, or by pre-setting the time on the filter control panel
  • Placing the chlorine tablet in the dispenser as directed, and replace once it is dissolved
  • Testing the level of chlorine, pH and other water parameter in the pool and conforming the levels required
  • Checking the water level and guaranteeing that it is sufficiently high for the pump to function appropriately
  • Cleaning the filter bag on the stand provided to ensure free flow of water through the filter unit
  • Removing flotsam and jetsam collected at the base of the pool utilizing a leaf scoop
  • Skimming leaves and different flotsam and jetsam from the surface of the pool
  • Performing a visual review of the pool for shade, clarity, and any noticeable contaminants

Desjoyaux’s Other Options

Turbo Add the optional “Turbo” pump to make your swimming pool “much more than a pool”. With Desjoyaux’s special 2-speed pump, your filter can be used for cross-current swimming,
head and shoulder massage, anti-cellulite massage and hydro-therapy. With these options, you can exercise even in a small pool, and use the pool to improve health and well-being.

heating Add a heater to extend the use of your swimming pool, before and after summer. Pick an option from Desjoyaux’s comprehensive ranges of heat-pumps or electric heaters, to suit your pool and heating requirements, and enjoy your swimming pool for longer periods during the year.
poolCover Add a heat-retention covers to enable you to better utilize the heater. Or opt for the safety covers to use when your swimming pool may not be used for a period of time. Desjoyaux offers a range of covers to suit every requirement.
Enhance your Desjoyaux Pool ownership experience with a range of products designed for easy maintenance and to maximize fun. All our showrooms stock products that you may need to minimize your time in routine maintenance, and some that will make the pool more fun to use.
Maintenance Chemicals: A comprehensive range of chemical products to maintain the swimming pool water quality on regular basis, and special chemical products for corrective action.
Maintenance Accessories: All the products you will need for routine maintenance of the pool, which are supplied when you install your pool, and parts which will need replacement during the course of use of the pool, so that you need never worry about difficulty at time of replacement
Boutique Range: A range of inflatable – floating mattresses, chairs, etc and accessories – color lights for the pool, water fountains, etc – to make the pool more fun