Shape or size of your pool is not a matter of any worry for Desjoyaux. Designed for flexibility to build pools of any shape or size, Desjoyaux can build your pool in a very short span of time, as low as 10 days for private swimming pools construction.

Just pen down the thought as to how you would want your pool to look like or give us the chance to serve you with some of our ideas. Right from designing, building and commissioning your Desjoyaux pool, Desjoyaux can work with you to make your dream pool a reality.


Desjoyaux’s renovation systems are similarly versatile to the remodeling of existing pools. Rather than replacing broken tiles, or digging up your garden to fix leaking piping systems, fit Desjoyaux’s PVC finishing and pipe-less filter system.

Desjoyaux offers a choice of the finest quality re-enforced PVC liners with different types colors and borders. Our liners are precisely cut to fit your swimming pool flawlessly, cutting out all inlets / outlets – and the probable cause of leaks.


Desjoyaux supplies a complete range of pool water maintenance chemicals and pool maintenance accessories, which make pool cleaning or maintaining an easy task.These products are the same as those used by Desjoyaux customers all around the world, ensuring that you get the best quality for your pool.

We also offer maintenance services, which are performed by well trained and experienced common work group. These are available as Annual Maintenance Contracts or on call basis, whichever suits your requirement.

Desjoyaux’s Other Options

Turbo Add the optional “Turbo” pump to make your swimming pool “much more than a pool”. With Desjoyaux’s special 2-speed pump, your filter can be used for cross-current swimming,
head and shoulder massage, anti-cellulite massage and hydro-therapy. With these options, you can exercise even in a small pool, and use the pool to improve health and well-being.

heating Add a heater to extend the use of your swimming pool, before and after summer. Pick an option from Desjoyaux’s comprehensive ranges of heat-pumps or electric heaters, to suit your pool and heating requirements, and enjoy your swimming pool for longer periods during the year.
poolCover Add a heat-retention covers to enable you to better utilize the heater. Or opt for the safety covers to use when your swimming pool may not be used for a period of time. Desjoyaux offers a range of covers to suit every requirement.
Enhance your Desjoyaux Pool ownership experience with a range of products designed for easy maintenance and to maximize fun. All our showrooms stock products that you may need to minimize your time in routine maintenance, and some that will make the pool more fun to use.
Maintenance Chemicals: A comprehensive range of chemical products to maintain the swimming pool water quality on regular basis, and special chemical products for corrective action.
Maintenance Accessories: All the products you will need for routine maintenance of the pool, which are supplied when you install your pool, and parts which will need replacement during the course of use of the pool, so that you need never worry about difficulty at time of replacement
Boutique Range: A range of inflatable – floating mattresses, chairs, etc and accessories – color lights for the pool, water fountains, etc – to make the pool more fun