Desjoyaux Pools is committed to the development of top quality in-ground swimming pools, utilizing unrivaled materials and components. Our experts are cost and time proficient and have years of experience in building and commissioning the best swimming pools.

We believe in transparency. So, if you think that building a private pool is time consuming, could affect your property, and would be additional maintenance in the long run, then here’s a jot down of the way we construct your customized pool in your premises without causing any effect to the property, and provide a trouble free pool for you to enjoy for many years.

Pool Excavation

Desjoyaux Pools require no more than 60 cm more than the pool area excavatedm, to install the pool structure. This job is done by mechanized excavator under guidance of trained Desjoyaux staff. Site is then prepared to erect the pool wall – DESCO – panels.

Pool Assembly

Assembly and erection of the pool wall panel – DESCO Panels – is the second step in the construction. Assembled panels are brought to site in the shape of pool required, and erected at site. The steel work – reinforcement – is also put into place at this time.

Concrete Pour

Once the panels are ready, checked for alignment, then concrete is poured on the floor and into the wall Desco panels. This is done in one go, so that there structure is homogeneous and monolithically. Use of the pre-fabricated panels ensures speedy concrete pour, cutting down to one day what traditional building methods would require 20-30 days to accomplish.

Pool Liner Installation

The liner is then installed in your in-ground swimming pool. Desjoyaux Pools offers re-enforced PVC liners with select option on colors and borders. Once your PVC liner is precisely and professionally fit, water is added to your pool, stretching the liner to the shape of the pool.

Filter Installation

A qualified electrician will then assemble and fit the filter unit, suspended on the pool wall, in the designated area.

WITH THE USE OF THE “ACTIVE CASING – DESCO PANELS” AND PIPE-LESS FILTER, Desjoyaux substantially reduces the installation time to a matter of day, when compared to the 6-8 weeks for traditional systems. The use of these technologies also makes available a limitless range of shapes, designs and sizes, besides the surety of a trouble free and easy to maintain pool system.

Desjoyaux’s Other Options

Turbo Add the optional “Turbo” pump to make your swimming pool “much more than a pool”. With Desjoyaux’s special 2-speed pump, your filter can be used for cross-current swimming,
head and shoulder massage, anti-cellulite massage and hydro-therapy. With these options, you can exercise even in a small pool, and use the pool to improve health and well-being.

heating Add a heater to extend the use of your swimming pool, before and after summer. Pick an option from Desjoyaux’s comprehensive ranges of heat-pumps or electric heaters, to suit your pool and heating requirements, and enjoy your swimming pool for longer periods during the year.
poolCover Add a heat-retention covers to enable you to better utilize the heater. Or opt for the safety covers to use when your swimming pool may not be used for a period of time. Desjoyaux offers a range of covers to suit every requirement.
Enhance your Desjoyaux Pool ownership experience with a range of products designed for easy maintenance and to maximize fun. All our showrooms stock products that you may need to minimize your time in routine maintenance, and some that will make the pool more fun to use.
Maintenance Chemicals: A comprehensive range of chemical products to maintain the swimming pool water quality on regular basis, and special chemical products for corrective action.
Maintenance Accessories: All the products you will need for routine maintenance of the pool, which are supplied when you install your pool, and parts which will need replacement during the course of use of the pool, so that you need never worry about difficulty at time of replacement
Boutique Range: A range of inflatable – floating mattresses, chairs, etc and accessories – color lights for the pool, water fountains, etc – to make the pool more fun